New Digital Tool Added to Passport Title Technology Ecosystem

August 28, 2019

Passport Title Services, LLC has added a new digital tool to its technology ecosystem that allows clients and settlement processors to instantly and simultaneously view the status of a case.

“The tool is simple to use and visualizes data so case status is easy to read at a glance,” said John R. H. Cotter, president and chief executive officer. “The initial implementation is with commercial transactions, given their complexity and the multiple steps that must be coordinated to bring them to settlement successfully.”

Highlights of this digital capability include the following:

The tool is used to track progress, monitor due dates and provide notification of any documents needed to facilitate a timely, accurate and efficient closing.

It improves real-time collaboration and organization to ensure that key tasks are completed and on-time.

A notes feature within the tool keeps important messages in one place – no more searching myriad communications and scrolling through long email threads.

“This addition to the ecosystem is another example of Passport Title’s commitment to continuously improving the settlement processing and title agency platform we provide to attorneys, title agents and title agency owners,” said Cotter.

Passport Title Services, LLC (doing business as Passport Settlement Services, LLC in Pennsylvania) is a fully Best Practices compliant title insurance agency and real estate settlement company exclusively focused on title agency partnerships since 2008. Passport Title has a national reach for commercial and residential real estate settlements and is a licensed title insurance agency in Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee and West Virginia, in addition to the District of Columbia. Established in 2005, Passport Title is privately held and independent.

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