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Simplify your real estate settlement business today

Would you like time to do more closings? Do you find yourself distracted from the practice of law with too much administration and management?

Passport Title changes the game. We help attorneys overcome the day to day challenges of operating title companies on their own by streamlining labor-intensive efforts. We provide customized solutions for end-to-end settlement processing, title insurance agency management and support operations. Our solutions are well-honed based on what we have learned over years of providing these services to attorneys.

We offer the resources of a large organization, including back-up staff, data security and favorable underwriter agreements – but without the expense and without the hassles. Technology and now Covid-19 are making title companies more complex and cost prohibitive. Passport Title is here to help.

Email us today to learn how you can tap into our proven experience, depth of knowledge and drive for innovation, like so many of your peers have done.


An industry-leading title company platform

We provide a shared title company platform for you to efficiently deliver real estate settlements and offer title insurance – under your brand name or ours. New challenges brought on by the frenetic pace of business in a digital age while operating in a constrained budget environment has accelerated the need for attorneys to re-envision how they operate. Passport Title enables you to eliminate overhead expenses, reduce risk and shrink your workload, so you can focus on clients and do more closings – simply.

Our team of United States-based settlement and post-closing processors work for you, ensuring no downtime. Our operations teams handle the functions that so often take you away from the practice of law – managing technology and software updates, paying bills and securing lender approvals, time consuming underwriter audits and regulatory data calls. We give you time to focus on what's important to you, your practice and your clients.

And we deliver it all without disruption. Passport Title has a long-established competency in working remotely. That means we deliver services safely, soundly and securely even in rapidly changing environments. We give you the tools to do business remotely, too, so that you have options for serving your clients from home, from away or from the office. Email us today to learn how you can gain an advantage with Passport Title.


Multiple closing options

Passport Title provides capabilities for you to offer online, mobile and traditional office closings. Each option is delivered with our signature combination of personal service and innovative technology.

Given the need to social distance and adapt business practices for a new environment, digital closings have never been as important as they are today. We maintain up-to-date, detailed knowledge of what is permitted where, supporting hybrid electronic closings to full remote online notarizations and variations in-between.

Whether digital or traditional, settlements are conducted safely, soundly and securely. Contact us today to learn how Passport Title can help you easily add closing choice to your practice.


Private label capabilities

Passport Title offers the option for you to perform closings under your own brand name or the Passport Title brand. While many attorneys prefer to do business as Passport Title to reflect their association with a large, multi-state title company, we can also support requests to combine the power of our platform with the strength of a proprietary brand, depending on your business profile and preferences.

Contact us today to learn more about our branded market-facing technologies, branded settlement processing and post-closing services and branded operating infrastructure.


Best Practices compliant

Best Practices compliance gives you added confidence that we protect your interests and those of your clients. Passport Title earned the market distinction of independent, third party certification of compliance with the American Land Title Association Title Insurance and Settlement Best Practices Framework. We continue to maintain and exceed these industry standards for operational rigor.

Contact us today to learn why Best Practices compliance matters in your choice of a title company partner.


Strong lender relationships

Passport Title is approved by over 350 lenders across the country – from global brands to community banks. We manage the lender approval process for you and serve as a moat against lender consolidation of settlement service providers.

Call us today at 240-542-1920 to learn why so many lenders do business with Passport Title.


Fully focused on your success

As an independent, privately held company, our investments center on providing the capabilities and resources you need to deliver service excellence to your clients. Starting with exclusive digital tools to ensure settlement quality and extending to data security for information protection, we measure our success by how well we support yours.

We believe one of the best ways to do that is by not competing with you in the marketplace for settlement business. That's why Passport Title is exclusively focused on title agency partnering. Our mission is to help you be successful, not compete with you for success.

But, that's not all. Our focus on your success also means that we never solicit your clients – ever. Email us today to learn more about our assurances.


Quickly and easily participate today

With our industry-leading, turn-key platform, you can quickly and easily begin participating in the benefits of partnering with Passport Title. Simply put, partnering with Passport Title for real estate settlements helps you eliminate expenses, gain time and reduce risk.

Want to know more? Call us at 240-540-6993Β to learn how you can join a growing community of your peers.


The best testament to the value we deliver is what people say about us.


We Are Passport Title

1.Turn-key, Best Practices-compliant title company platform
2.Personal service driven by innovative technology
3.Data security and encryption with SOC 2 certified technology
4.Generous financial model
5.Exclusive digital tools for settlement quality, communications and compliance
6.Economies of scale and cost structure designed to deliver savings
7.Online, mobile and office closing capabilities
Contact us today to discuss how partnering with Passport Title could be right for you.

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A Game Changing Partnership

  • Eliminate overhead expenses
  • Leverage the strength, security and resources of a large title company
  • Streamline labor-intensive efforts, so you can focus on clients and do more closings
  • Grow your practice while reducing your risk
  • Handle fluctuating volumes with no downtime
  • Participate in economies of scale to keep costs down
  • Instantly access favorable underwriter agreements

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Passport Title is licensed in eight states – Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia – and Washington, D.C. And, we are expanding. We support your commercial and residential real estate transactions from coast to coast through underwriter relationships.

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*Passport Title provides services in this state through underwriter relationships.