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Getting to know Passport Title

A trusted name for over a decade, Passport Title is a title insurance agency and real estate settlement services provider exclusively focused on title agency partneringWe help attorneys, title agents and title agency owners overcome the day to day challenges of operating title companies on their own by providing customized solutions for end-to-end settlement processing, title insurance agency management and support operations.

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Leadership that works for you

Passport Title was founded by John R. H. Cotter, a lifelong entrepreneur and title industry innovator. He has curated a leadership team that includes Fortune 100 executive talent, real estate law expertise and career insurance and title practitioners.

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A growing footprint

Passport Title provides title agency partnering solutions across eight states – Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia – and Washington, D.C. We support commercial and residential real estate transactions from coast to coast through underwriter relationships.

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Best Practices compliant

Passport Title invests in management attention, expertise and budget to ensure that we fully comply with the American Land Title Association Title Insurance and Settlement Best Practices Framework. It is part of our unwavering commitment to protecting the interests of those we serve.

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Trusted service provider to lenders

We are an approved settlement services provider to over 350 lenders across the country – from global brands to community banks. Our lender relationships are built around sound risk management, quality controls and Best Practices compliance.

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Multiple closing options

Passport Title offers online, mobile and office closings, because we think our title agent partners and their clients deserve choice in when, where and how they close.

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Steadfast values

While our business changes to meet new needs, our values remain the same. Integrity, determination, innovation and leadership were at the core of our company when we were founded in 2005, and they are the values we continue to honor today.

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No conflicting loyalties

Passport Title is privately held and independent. This structure allows us to focus on and invest in serving attorneys, title agents and title agency owners who do business through us. With no outside owners, we have no conflicting loyalties.

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