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Estate or General Practice Attorneys

If you currently handle real estate closings and face any of these challenges you will like Passport Title’s business model:

  • 1 Do you find it difficult to hire competent title staff at a reasonable price?
  • 2 Is your volume too low to warrant hiring a fulltime processor?
  • 3 Are you unable to function properly when your processor is out?
  • 4 Do you find yourself distracted from the practice of law with too much administration and management?
  • 5 Would you like to be able to take more time off and not worry?

We help attorneys overcome the day‑to‑day challenge of managing a settlement business by handling the processing, disbursements, post‑closing and all the administrative, compliance, HR, payroll, IT and banking functions the attorney would normally have to oversee. The attorney’s responsibilities are reduced to examining, title, signing off on the binder and policy and doing the closing when possible. Best of all, we share the income.

What You Eliminate by Partnering with Passport Title

  • Hiring and maintaining staff
  • Processing, disbursing and post‑closing cases
  • Implementing and monitoring your own Best Practices program
  • Underwriter audits
  • Annual 1099 reporting
  • Managing information technology, including title software, and telecommunications
  • Accounts payable and escrow account management
  • Payroll and human resources
  • Company licensing
  • Answering lender approval questionnaires

Value you Gain by Partnering with Passport Title

  • A dedicated processor
  • A post‑closing department
  • A much larger network of attorneys and support staff
  • A human resource department: Someone to handle payroll
  • An accounting department
  • Someone to handle bookkeeping and bill paying
  • Someone to handle information technology: computers, software and phones
  • Someone to handle audits and compliance
  • Processing through Qualia software
  • A remote deposit tool for your clients to easily send EMD funds
  • Multi‑state licensing and a growing footprint
  • A large premium split
  • Relationships with over 230 local, regional and national lenders

Other things to know about our business model:

  • Data security and encryption with SOC 2 certified technology
  • Ongoing wire fraud training and prevention tactics
  • Online, mobile and office closing capabilities

Contact us today to discuss how partnering with Passport Title could be right for you:


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