Stronger Together


Virtual Partners

Providing Lower-Volume Real-Estate Companies The Opportunity to Share In Title Insurance Revenue

A Passport Title Services Concept

John R.H. Cotter, CEO, has setup and managed 50 RESPA-Compliant affiliated Business Arrangements since 1993

Because of government rules, title-agency affiliated business arrangements struggle to generate worthwhile profits if the referring partner cannot generate at least 25 to 30 closings per month. Passport Title’s Virtual Partners concept allows multiple referring partners to participate thereby making the agency easier to manage and much more profitable for all referring parties.

  • Basic elements of our single referring partner owner model:
    • Multiple partners spread financial risk, lowers break even, raises return for all
    • Partners can be real estate, mortgage, title or builder
    • Smaller number of closings required by each partner for break-even
    • Referring partners can be located in different states
    • Referring partners do not interact with each other
    • Referring partners’ agents do not cross paths
    • Passport manages and mediates between Virtual Partners™
  • Managing partner, Passport Title:
    • Established in 2005
    • CEO/Owner setup and managed 50 joint ventures since 1993
    • Understands what works and does not work
    • Current employee count:  25
    • Operates in nine states:  DC, FL, KY, MD, PA, TN, VA & WV
  • Turnkey start-up and affordable investment: 
    • 45-day start up
    • Multi-state if desired
    • The capital investment is reasonable but satisfies RESPA rules
    • We provide framework for agent ownership
    • We prepare all the legal documents necessary for agent ownership
    • We provide RESPA disclosure forms
    • You can stay focused on your core business
  • Crystal clear, comprehensive and timely financial statements 

For information, call John Cotter at 240-658-6086
1 Research Blvd, Suite 450, Rockville, MD 20850